Tuesday, 18 April 2017

C# Corner Conference 2017 - Building Intelligent Bots

The C# Corner Annual Conference 2017 was a three-day annual event for software professionals and developers held in New Delhi, India. First day was exclusive for C# Corner MVPs only. The second day was open to the public, and includes presentations from many top names in the industry. The third day events are, again, exclusively for C# Corner MVPs.

The conference was awesome with about 600+ attendees in total. There were 3 tracks running in parallel each having a accommodating 200+ attendees.

This year, I had the opportunity to speak for one session at the conference. I presented a session about Building Intelligent Bots using the Microsoft Bot Framework. I started by explaining about the use of bots in general and how repetitive tasks can be automated easily. Next, I made a demo of LUIS and how it can be used in bots to "understand" conversations from users.

Moreover, I showcased the use of Cognitive Service to add more intelligence in the bot such as Sentiment Analytics.

There were about 80+ people in the session. The audience were very much interested about the Language Understanding capabilities of LUIS and asked several questions about how to train the LUIS model.

Please find below the slides used in the session:

It was also great to finally meet my friends from the C# Corner community! It was an amazing experience, looking forward to participate more with the C# Corner Tech community!


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