Friday, 30 October 2015

Running Hadoop on Linux using Azure HDInsight

  1. An Azure subscription: See Get Azure free trial.
  2. Putty SSH Client
For an in depth introduction to Hadoop and Hive and its application using Azure Insight, read the following Wikis
  1. Big Data Analytics using Microsoft Azure: Introduction
  2. Big Data Analytics using Microsoft Azure: Hive
  3. Analyze Twitter data with Hive in Azure HDInsight

Azure HDInsight deploys and provisions Apache Hadoop clusters in the cloud, providing a software framework designed to manage, analyze, and report on big data.

With the September 2015 release of HDInsight, now customers configure these clusters to run using both a Windows Server Operating System as well as an Ubuntu based Linux Operating System.

HDInsight on Linux enables even broader support for Hadoop ecosystem users to run in HDInsight providing you even greater choice of preferred tools and applications for running Hadoop workloads.

Both Linux and Windows clusters in HDInsight are built on the same standard Hadoop distribution and offer the same set of rich capabilities.

Creating a Linux cluster in HDInsight
  1. To create a new Linux cluster, from the new portal, click on Data+Analytics > HDInsight. 

  2. Click on create new cluster
It is at this step that you have the option to choose from Linux or Windows Operating System.

In this demo, Ubuntu shall be used.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Text Analytics API With Azure Machine Learning

This article is about demonstrating the use of Machine Learning to do Sentiment Analysis on texts.

Sentiment Analysis is the process of detecting the feeling or the mood of a person when writing a text (technically called contextual polarity). In other words, it determines whether a piece of writing is positive, negative or neutral.

Uses of Sentiment Analysis
  1. Product reviews
    • Is the review positive or negative
  2. Analyzing customer emails
  3. Social Media Analytics
    • What do customers think about my company
If one has about 10 mails or products, this will be quite a simple task, but what if some store has thousands of products each of them with  hundreds of reviews daily.

Then, automating this process makes sense. And this is where Text Analytics comes into play.

Text Analytics API
Text Analytics API is a suite of text analytics web services built with Azure Machine Learning. The API can be used to analyze unstructured text for tasks such as sentiment analysis and key phrase extraction.

The API returns a numeric score between 0 & 1. Scores close to 1 indicate positive sentiment, while scores close to 0 indicate negative sentiment.

The advantage of this API is that a new model need not be designed and trained, the user only needs to bring the data and call the service to get the sentiment results.

However, because this is only the initial release of this service only English is supported right now.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) 2015

On October 1st, 987 exemplary community leaders around the world found out they have received the MVP Award! These individuals were chosen because they have demonstrated their deep commitment to helping others make the most of their technology, voluntarily sharing their passion and real-world knowledge of Microsoft products with the community.

I’m very pleased to announce that I'm one of them and have been awarded the Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award for 2015!

I would like to that the following people and communities for encouraging and helping me share and contribute to the community for the past years:

1. My family, friends and fiancée for their support.

2. Arnaud Meslier, Technical Evangelist at Microsoft IOI with whom I have been collaborating on different events and boot-camps for the past 3 years.

3. The Microsoft TechNet Community (WikiNinjas) for their collaboration on several Wiki Articles and also for featuring and recognizing several of them in the monthly Guru Awards, Weekly highlights and Weekly Top Contributor Awards.
See also my interview on the WikiNinjas blog here.

4. The Mauritius Software Craftsmanship Community for providing a platform to connect IT professionals and also for organizing several local meetups and conferences.

5. The C# Corner community for featuring several of my articles on their homepage and also for the gifts and goodies :)

6. The Microsoft Student Partners of Mauritius for their support in several local events.

7. The MEA Influencer community for providing a platform to connect technology enthusiast in the MEA region.

Thank You All!

Congratulations also to Linley Meslier, renewed Microsoft MVP from Mauritius for 8 consecutive years!