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I've been quite busy this month, but here are the August updates..

Hello World!  I'm writing here after some weeks. This month, I've been busy with a new project, I'll write about it soon. August is about to end. Let's see what happened great this month!

1. Featured on TechNet Wiki The article Developing a Recommender Solution with Azure Machine Learning was featured on the TechNet Wiki blog.
Blog Post:
2. Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - July 2015 As you know, I'm working lots of Big Data these days and last month I wrote an article demonstrating the user of Azure HDInsight to analyze Twitter feeds. Well, this article was selected for the TechNet wiki awards and I won the gold medal! :)
Blog post:…

Improved Debugging Experience in Visual Studio 2015

This article is about the improvements in Visual Studio 2015 that improves the debugging experience by making it easier and quicker to identify bugs.

IntelliTrace can be used to record events and method calls to your application that allows you to examine its state (call stack and local variable values) at various points of the execution.

MSCC Meetup: Cross Platform Development

At the pace mobile technology and devices are growing, Cross-Platform Development is no longer an option, it's a must! Developers can either go develop for each platform individually or they can now use some very cool tools to develop Apps running on different platforms all sharing the maximum amount of codes as possible.

That was the spirit of the MSCC meetup which I attended last Saturday.