Thursday, 30 July 2015

Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 launch event in Mauritius

Yesterday, Windows 10 was officially released and available to download worldwide.
Here in Mauritius, we also had a release party with lots of demos and presentations, not only on Windows 10 but also on Visual Studio 2015 which was release last week.

 I reached at the Microsoft Office a bit earlier, and had some time to catch up with my friends from the MSPs and other IT pros also attending the event.

At about 7 PM the serious things started, and Arnaud kicked off the event and provided an overview of the presentations.


Below is a summary of the presentations

1. Introduction to Windows 10

Windows 10 represents the first step of a whole new generation of Windows. Windows 10 unlocks new experiences for customers to work, play and connect. Windows 10 embodies what our customers (both consumers and enterprises) demand and what we will deliver.

Zuber started the presentations with some insights and features of the new Windows 10. He also demoed some of the cool features such as the new start menu, Cortana and Microsoft Edge.

To discover the major features of Windows 10, checkout my previous blog post here.

2. Introduction to Windows Core

The Windows 10 core will run on PCs, tablets, Windows Phones and even the Xbox at some point in the future. The user interfaces will be tailored for each type of device, but there will be a common core of operating system elements that will work across all these platforms. 

Next on stage was Vidush and team, they explained about how the single core on all Windows 10 works across devices and their different capabilities.

3. Introduction to Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 is a rich, integrated development environment for creating stunning applications for Windows, Android, and iOS, as well as modern web applications and cloud services.

Then, Adrien and his team introduced Visual Studio 2015 and the new Microsoft Blend with a particular focus on developing Windows Store Apps.

4. Debugging tools in Visual Studio 2015
This is one of the major improvements in Visual Studio 2015. Everything is now here to help you debug and diagnose your applications easier and quicker.
I made a presentation and demo of these new features.


Please find the presentation here.

5. Cross Platform Development Tools in Visual Studio 2015

The next presentation was done by Alex and team about how we can use Visual Studio to develop cross-platform applications. They demoed applications running both on a Windows device and on an Android device developed with Visual Studio and C#.


Hybrid apps with JavaScript
Create mobile applications for iOS, Android and Windows from a single code base with Visual Studio Teams with experience building web apps will quickly feel at-home building mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows using Visual Studio’s Tools for Apache Cordova. A single shared JavaScript API provides nearly 100% code re-use across platforms and access to native device capabilities using a familiar, concise syntax.

Native apps with C#
Visual Studio and Xamarin Create rich native apps using C# across iOS, Android & Windows, while maximizing code reuse. Share code across device platforms with shared projects or portable class libraries. With 100% of the native APIs exposed, you have full access to device capabilities. Create apps with native user experiences and native performance with drag and drop simplicity.

Native apps with C++
Cross-platform native development Share, reuse, build, deploy, and debug your cross-platform C++ mobile code. Create projects from templates for Android Native-Activity applications, or create high-performance shared libraries to include in other solutions.

6. Introduction to Visual Studio Code

Code combines the streamlined UI of a modern editor with rich code assistance and navigation, and an integrated debugging experience – without the need for a full IDE.

Jochen made a great demo of developing a web application using Visual Studio Code from an Ubuntu machine.

The train has arrived..

The train has finally arrived, get on board!

Upgrade to Windows 10!
Download Visual Studio 2015!


This was a really good event with lots of learning opportunities.
Thanks to Microsoft, Arnaud and the MSPs for organizing this event and providing me the opportunity to demo Visual Studio 2015.
Looking forward for more cool events in the future! :)

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Photo Credits: Pritvi & Ish

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