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Microsoft Azure Technical Guru - May 2015

Yay!! Was Microsoft Azure Technical Guru again last month! This time my article on Big Data Analytics (Hive)  won the Gold Medal and this is my 10th Guru Medal since September 2014.

The TechNet Guru Awards celebrate the technical articles on TechNet, contributed from valued wiki authors like YOU! Each month, the contributions are scored by a panel of judges (5 per category, 2-3 in each are MS experts), and the winners of each category are showered with love and attention from all corners of TechNet. You can contribute your articles for the June competition here. You can also view all my articles here.

Community Win: Featured Articles (May, 2015)

This month, for the first time, one of my articles was featured on the TechNet Wiki Homepage!
Here is the blog post about it! :)

The English Featured Article Team is proud to select these articles, because they improve the quality of ourTNWiki articles. It's important to remember that our team takes into consideration Best Practices and High Technical level as indicated in article: 
How to Nominate a TechNet Wiki Article to Be Featured on the Home Page of TechNet Wiki
When an author has an TechNet Wiki Featured Articles selected among the best Nominated and TechNet Guru winners articles, has achieved high recognition for excellent contributions to ourTechNet and MSDN Communities.