Monday, 27 April 2015

Global Azure Bootcamp Presentation: Machine Learning

It was a great pleasure to participate in the Global Azure Bootcamp again this year. After presenting on Mobile Services last year, this year, since I have been working in the BI field in the past year and has been experimenting lots of Data Analytics, I opted to do a presentation on Azure Machine Learning.

Since I already had a technical session on AzureML 2 days earlier and my session for Global Azure was the last one, I instead focused on the functional part of the subject, how it can be used and discussed on some real-live examples of where AzureML is used.

Read The Global Azure Bootcamp as it happened in Mauritius here.

I started the presentation with an Introduction to Machine Learning, the types of Machine Learning and how it can be used.

Also did a high level beginner introduction of how the Machine Learning algorithms work.

Then I discussed about the advantages of using AzureML before doing demos of a Recomender Experiment, loan prediction experiment and showcasing how to consume AzureML services from a C# application.

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