Monday, 27 April 2015

Global Azure Bootcamp 2015


On Saturday, April 25, 2015 we were out to set some records again!
In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe and in Mauritius!
In March 2014 we topped that with 136 locations!  Blog post of Global Windows Azure 2014 in Mauritius is here.

This year, again, Global Azure Bootcamp was held in Mauritius. This time, it was organized alongside the Developers Conference at Voila Hotel.

Again it was a real pleasure to participate in the conference and share my knowledge of Azure with all the attendees!

Opening Keynote

The journey started with an opening keynote by Arnaud, Shelly and Neha. They did an overview of all the Azure services and also focused a lot on the openness of Azure to both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft technologies, the security aspect and also the competitive advantages of using Microsoft Azure.



Azure Virtual Machine

The next session, delivered by Zuber was on Azure Virtual Machines. Zuber introduced the subject before diving directly to the Azure portal to make some live demos and also focused on the scale-ability, load balancing and availability of Azure Virtual Machines.
There was also a demo by Linkbynet, a Mauritian company currently using Azure Virtual Machines.



Visual Studio Online

The next session on Visual Studio Online, was presented by Ouz and Harshu.  I was really surprised by this session as it seems that they covered every single aspects of the product, from version control to project management, with lots of live demos!



Azure database and SQL server database in a VM

That was my favorite session of the day! This session held by Dhiruj, an Entrepreneur in Mauritius, was geared on how to migrate your existing on-prem SQL Server to the Azure Cloud.
He not only focused on the technical aspect but also put much emphasis on the advantages of Azure with respect to budget, security and scalability.
Dhiruj also did a live demo with some nice explanations!


Web Apps

I believe this was the most awaited session of the day and obviously the session with the highest attendance rate!
In this session, Vidush discussed about the different Web Apps that Azure supports, how to deploy Web Apps, how to manage Web Apps and also made some live demos of how it works in real-life.



Azure Mobile Services

In this session, Adrien showcased how to develop apps targeting several platforms while having only 1 single could back-end  powered by Microsoft Azure. He also did a live demo showing how authentication and push notifications is done using Microsoft Azure Mobile Services.

Azure Machine Learning

Well..I had the tough job to do the last presentation of the last day on the Developers Conference/ Azure Bootcamp, and I had to adapt my presentation a little bit to make it less technical and more interesting.
Since I already had a technical session on AzureML 2 days earlier, I instead focused on the functional part of the subject, how it can be used and discussed on some real-live examples of where AzureML is used.
All the materials from my presentation is available here.


A big thanks to the MSCC, Microsoft IOI, the Microsoft Student Partners and all the speakers for making this another world-class Azure Bootcamp.

Awesome Team for the Global Azure Bootcamp 2015

Finally :)

Finally thanks for the giveaways! I really like the shirt! 


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