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Big Data Analytics using Microsoft Azure: Introduction

Introduction to Big DataWhat is Big Data?Big Data refers to data that is too large or complex for analysis in traditional databases because of factors such as the volume, variety and velocity of the data that needs to be analysed.

VolumeThe quantity of data that is generated is very high. 
For Example, consider analyzing application logs, where new data generated each time a user does some action in the application. This may generate several lines per minute or even per second depending on the frequency the application is being used.

VarietyThe data that needs to be analysed is not standard, consisting of both structured and unstructured data.
One example of this can be the analysis of Social Media data consisting of emoticons, hash tags and texts in several languages.

VelocityThis is where data is being generated very frequently and at a very high pace. This is happening more and more often with the emergence of the Internet of Things where devices/sensors are generating data continuously…

Global Azure Bootcamp 2015

On Saturday, April 25, 2015 we were out to set some records again!
In April of 2013 we held the first Global Windows Azure Bootcamp at more than 90 locations around the globe and in Mauritius!
In March 2014 we topped that with 136 locations!  Blog post of Global Windows Azure 2014 in Mauritius is here.

This year, again, Global Azure Bootcamp was held in Mauritius. This time, it was organized alongside the Developers Conference at Voila Hotel.

Again it was a real pleasure to participate in the conference and share my knowledge of Azure with all the attendees!

Global Azure Bootcamp Presentation: Machine Learning

It was a great pleasure to participate in the Global Azure Bootcamp again this year. After presenting on Mobile Services last year, this year, since I have been working in the BI field in the past year and has been experimenting lots of Data Analytics, I opted to do a presentation on Azure Machine Learning.

Since I already had a technical session on AzureML 2 days earlier and my session for Global Azure was the last one, I instead focused on the functional part of the subject, how it can be used and discussed on some real-live examples of where AzureML is used.

Developers Conference: 3 days of Knowledge Sharing, Networking and Fun

The first developers conference took place in Mauritius on the 23 to 25 April 2015. I attended all 3 days and really enjoyed the conference. I believe that there's no other place I could have learnt so much and meet so much like-minded people as DevCon in Mauritius.

What was really cool was the mix of IT pros, business owners and students and all coming from different backgrounds such as Database experts, Open-Source advocates, Microsoft Enthusiasts, Web Developers, lecturers and much more just to share their passion and learn.

Developers Conference: Day 1 Presentation Materials

Yesterday was a great day for all IT people from Mauritius, We had the first ever Developers Conference (DevCon) in Mauritius.

Here is my blog post on the Developers Conference in Mauritius.

This was also a very interesting day for me as I have 2 presentations of 1 hour each, one after the other on Machine Learning and Document Databases respectively.

Since this would be 2 Hour of Azure, I found it natural to start the presentation by giving an Introduction to Microsoft Azure.

Developer Tools for building Windows 10 Apps

The SDK for Windows 10 Apps has been released just last week. In this blog post we shall see how what are the required tools and how to use them.

To get the  tools, developers need to sign up for the Windows Insider Program, install the latest Windows 10 technical preview release and install both Visual Studio 2015 Community Technology Preview (CTP) 6 and the Tools for the Windows 10 Technical Preview, which include the Windows 10 software development kit (SDK).

Developing a Recommender Solution with Azure Machine Learning

While preparing my presentation for the Developer's Conference on Machine Learning, I got the idea to make a demo of a recommender engine.
Ever wondered how websites like Amazon and Ebay provides you useful suggestions and recommendations? This blog post is for you!