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YAY! Hero of the Month - October 2013

The Windows Phone 8 Bootcamp Experience

I discovered the WP8 Boot camp on Facebook while going through the Microsoft Developer Evangelism - Indian Ocean Islands Facebook group. There were lots of photos of previous events which seemed very nice. Some weeks later, I saw the WP8 boot camps, and I said why not register, I always wanted to learn about these stuff.

So, on D-Day I arrived at Microsoft Office a bit early, met some colleagues and Arnaud started to chat a bit waiting for everybody to arrive. Then it was decided that we shall work in team. Ironically, nobody wanted to be in my team, so, I just teamed up with the other people who didn't get a team and I volunteered to be the team leader since I already have some experience of the .NET framework.

 During the first week, I had the opportunity to coach my team on C# and Windows Phone technologies, this is when I discovered that I indeed had some coaching skill. This continues for two months where we worked together and build 13 Apps Below are some of the best parts…