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Code Challenge 2013

The Code Challenge is a set of programming competitions that will be organized for the launching of the Ebène Accelerator on the 6-7 July 2013 at Orange Tower, Ebène - within the premises of the Ebène Accelerator.
This was in two parts; the Mobile App development where Participants will need to create a mobile application during a 24-hour time span and the problem solving contest which consisted of solving logical, algorithmic and mathematical problems during two 5-hour spans.

Our team participated in the Mobile App contest. Below are some key highlights of the event.

Challenge This was really challenging as in 24-hr we had to brainstorm, make a concept and code the App. To deal with this, we spent like 3 hours to brainstorm and put all the ideas together, Once done, we share the tasks among the team members and started developing the project in a team.
Being fan of the Scrum methodology, we used this approach for the challenge, where we shared tasks and showed progress of the work at regul…

Mauritius Hotels App

Mauritius Hotels App lists all the hotels in Mauritius, shows some description and a photo of each hotel. The App also allows the user to view the hotel on a map.You can download it here.