Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Windows Phone 8 Bootcamp Experience

I discovered the WP8 Boot camp on Facebook while going through the Microsoft Developer Evangelism - Indian Ocean Islands Facebook group. There were lots of photos of previous events which seemed very nice. Some weeks later, I saw the WP8 boot camps, and I said why not register, I always wanted to learn about these stuff.

So, on D-Day I arrived at Microsoft Office a bit early, met some colleagues and Arnaud started to chat a bit waiting for everybody to arrive. Then it was decided that we shall work in team. Ironically, nobody wanted to be in my team, so, I just teamed up with the other people who didn't get a team and I volunteered to be the team leader since I already have some experience of the .NET framework.

 During the first week, I had the opportunity to coach my team on C# and Windows Phone technologies, this is when I discovered that I indeed had some coaching skill. This continues for two months where we worked together and build 13 Apps Below are some of the best parts of the boot camp experience:


Had the opportunity to meet other passionate developers, MSPs and other university students. It was good to share ideas, brainstorm on solutions to problems and share our knowledge.


Experienced Coach and Developers

Had the opportunity to meet Arnaud and Wasiim who both have good experience in Apps development. I also learnt some more advanced coding techniques from Deepak, an experienced .NET developer. Thanks for sharing your knowledge guys!

Team Work

Working in teams was definitely a great experience, had more ideas and knowledge combined - graphics and coding. Working the Apps was a lot easier with a team, it was more fun too!
Thanks for making this possible Nads, Anoo and Hema.

Improved Soft Skills

I had the opportunity to lead and coach a team of 3 university students on C#, XAML and Windows Phone technologies. This was really great to share my knowledge and also uncovered my teaching skills. Also, had the chance to present and pitch about my Apps and ideas.


XBOX and Kinnect! Yeah! The pics speaks for themselves :D


I recommend everybody to join us for our next events! This is really a life changing opportunity!
Most probably WP8, W8 and Azure boot camps soon. Stay tuned, I'll post all details here.



Saturday, 20 July 2013

Code Challenge 2013

The Code Challenge is a set of programming competitions that will be organized for the launching of the Ebène Accelerator on the 6-7 July 2013 at Orange Tower, Ebène - within the premises of the Ebène Accelerator.

This was in two parts; the Mobile App development where Participants will need to create a mobile application during a 24-hour time span and the problem solving contest which consisted of solving logical, algorithmic and mathematical problems during two 5-hour spans.

Our team participated in the Mobile App contest. Below are some key highlights of the event.

This was really challenging as in 24-hr we had to brainstorm, make a concept and code the App.
To deal with this, we spent like 3 hours to brainstorm and put all the ideas together, Once done, we share the tasks among the team members and started developing the project in a team.

Being fan of the Scrum methodology, we used this approach for the challenge, where we shared tasks and showed progress of the work at regular intervals, resolved issues that arise collectively and improve.


Besides the programming part, what was great about this event was the networking opportunity. Not only networking with other developers, but also executives of companies. This really "bridged the gap" between geeks and business people.

Was also fun time with friends and colleagues. Staying 24-Hour with them coding and joking..amazing experience. Another good point was the food! Great food - amazing!     



We designed and developed an App called "MauBis".
The main aim of the app is to help people track their bus on a map so that they don;t miss it.
The App also has other features such as accident news.
Below are some snapshots of the App.



The event went well and was a big success. Looking forward to the next challenge! :)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Mauritius Hotels App

Mauritius Hotels App lists all the hotels in Mauritius, shows some description and a photo of each hotel.
The App also allows the user to view the hotel on a map.
You can download it here.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Pizza Mania App

My first windows phone App, Pizza Mania is now available in Windows Phone store.
Pizza Mania lists the pizzas available from the most common pizzerias in Mauritius. The user can view the menu and place order by phone via the App.
The main features of the App was developed in one day during the Windows Phone Boot camp session in June 2013 where I had the chance to lead and coach a team of students on Windows Phone technologies.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Mauritius News App

Today, my second Windows Phone App has now officially been accepted in Windows Phone Store.
The App allows the user to read the latest news from the major news providers in Mauritius.