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Final Year Project and Research Paper: A Framework for Android and J2ME Bluetooth Communication

This post is about my final year project which I did in 2011/2012. Back then Mobile Apps development in Android was something really new and there were really few Android phones around too.
The most popular platform back then was J2ME which was taught at the university.

For my final year project, together with my project partner we took the challenge to built Apps for Android despite lack phones and resources at that time.

The project which involved lots of research was to built a framework that allows mobile Apps in Android and J2ME to communicate via Bluetooth and built apps that use the framework.

The Bluetooth framework developed needed to be re-usable so that it could be used in any other Android and J2ME App.
Below is a diagram representing the use of the framework together with sample Apps developed.

The project was also published as a research paper accessible at the link below:

Presentation at Mobile Apps 2012

This was my first time doing a public presentation with 100+ attendees and it was at Mobile Apps 2012.
Mobile Apps 2012 was the first conference about Mobile Computing organised in Mauritius and since I was actively working on my university final year project at that time, I decided to make a presentation.
Despite being a bit stressed, things went on quite well and had really great fun.

The presentation is available at the link below: